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About EcoXtrusion

EcoXtrusion is a young and dynamic company, founded in 2009 and based in Hengelo, The Netherlands. We are a plastics manufacturing company with international clients in the green industry. Extrusion is our business. Xtrusion is part of our name, but why EcoXtrusion?

Their excellent technical and functional characteristics make plastics ideal for use in environmental products. Recycling plastics has for some time been seen as an ecologically sensible alternative. And the logical next step is to re-use such recycled materials. That is what we at EcoXtrusion stand for: the use of recycled materials as raw materials for our products. We strive for a maximum of ecology in our production process; for example, our cooling-water system is a “closed-circuit” process. And we constantly focus on means of further reducing our energy consumption. Another example is waste material from production. All waste material is re-used in production.

But we want to do better.
Using bio-polymers, we want to improve our products to meet tomorrow’s expectations. We are working with scientists from leading international institutes to develop biodegradable products. Products designed to degrade after a specific lifetime, so that they produce no waste after they have been used. Here, preference will be given to products which break down in the natural environment. If the products of disintegration themselves provide nourishment for plant life, so much the better. The logical consequence; lower cost, because the products do not need to be removed once their function has been fulfilled. worden.