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Tree Protector, Spiral Tree Guards

Tree protectors are frequently used to protect young trees against damage caused by various wild animals, chemicals and mowing. Increasingly, these products are coloured white (reflective) to avoid damage caused by the sun’s rays. Especially there where the area is covered by snow for longer periods, young trees must be protected against sun burn. A combination of good reflectivity and proper ventilation ensures adequate protection.

We recommend removing or replacing tree protectors after 4-5 years and/or when the space between tree and tree protector is too small.

Research has shown that doing nothing can lead to a loss of 35% of the young trees. Simple items such as the trunk protector, reduces that damage to a minimum. Not only the low purchase price but also the ease of handling on the young trees guarantee a low-cost total solution for the professional end-user.

Standard products:

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